Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Phaneuf Sidelined

Its just been reported that Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf will be missing 3-4 weeks after suffering a deep cut in last nights game.

Phaneuf suffered the injury midway through the second frame when he got caught up with Ottawa Senators forward Peter Regin.  Phaneuf was helped off the ice and sent to the hospital for assessment.

The 25 year old blue-liner currently has 4 assists in 11 games this season with a -6 in the +/- department.

UOVHSAA Semi Finals

1 day from now the Senior Raider football team will play Arnprior in the UOVHSAA semi finals.

The teams earlier met this year in the annual Turkey Bowl in which Arnprior narrowly won against the Raiders in a game they had no business winning.

However RCI is a new team with a new motto. :"Lets Hunt"

 Yes. That’s what I said. It is predicted that only 3 Raiders players will show up for football practice tonight as the rest will be hunting. Time well spent? Hmmmm?

It is also predicted that RCI will lose 210-7 on Thursday. RCI's only touchdown will come from sympathy when Jesse Andrews runs into his own end zone and falls.

South Beach Update

One week after the Miami Heat opening day loss, the Heat are rolling.

 They are second to only the Atlanta Hawks in their division with a record of 3-1. It seems as if the team chemistry which was lacking on opening day is now flowing within the heat organization. Miami is holding their opposition to an NBA low of 80.75 points per game. Combined with their 93.5 ppg average they rank the highest among teams in point differential with +12.75.

Another key to the Heats success is their 3pt percentage. The Miami Heat are shooting .429 behind the arc having them tied for the 2 spot in the NBA.

It’s only 4 games in and the Heat look to be one of the most dominant teams in the league.

Randy Moss Moving Again

Randy Moss will most likely be on the move again as the former Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, and Vikings receiver was waived Monday by Vikings head coach Brad Childress.

That’s right folks the Future hall of famer has been waived and will most likely be buying his 3rd home in less than a month.

The release comes a day after the Vikings suffered a loss to the New England Patriots, Moss' former team. Although Childress is yet to confirm why Moss was released it is suspected that he was released due to the typical "Take a Play Off" mentality Moss tends to exude regularly.

This mentality is also what caused Quarterback Brett Favres to leave the game due to facial lacerations. Although the blow to Favre was not directly Moss' fault, it was in some way. If Moss had not have given up on a deep ball thrown to him by Favre the play would have resulted in a touchdown and the play after consequently never would have happened.

As for now Moss is awaiting his new home as the priority list has been sent out and the lone team without a win, the 0-7 Buffalo Bills will get first dibs.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants Back on Top

The wait is over in San Fran. 15 years since the 49ers won the Super Bowl and 56 since the Giants won the World Series, "The City by The Bay' is back on top.

However Giants faithfuls needed to wait till nearly 4 am this morning to feel full effect, as the team did not return from Texas till then. Fans have longed for this title proven by the hand scrawled sign that read "56 years of Giants torture is over!"

However the celebration did turn criminal. SFPD reported 6 arrests as well as multiple smashed windows, including some of which at AT&T park, Home of The Giants. However this was not the most heinous of the situations. A video broadcasted on youtube last night showed a car driving towards a crowd who had lit a bonfire in the middle of the street. Unhappy rioters then surrounded the car and abused it till the point the windshield smashed.

All aside the police are now planning for the Championship Parade in which the Giants will most likely follow the same route as the team did when they had their "moving in" parade in 1958.

Sports Corner Survey

During October The Renfrew Sports Corner conducted a survey in a grade 12 college English class. Unlike most students surveys in which the choice was only A, B, C or D, RSC allowed for the creative juices to flow by letting the students answer whatever they would like.

Only 5 questions were asked: Do you prefer team or individual sports? What sport do you prefer to play? Who is your favourite athlete? What is your favourite team? What is your favourite sport to watch?

Now one thing RSC can tell you is that the Juices were definitely flowing as there were many odd answers. So let me share with you a few of our favourite:

Fav Sport to play:
-Chasing Brad

Fav Athlete:
-Roger Poirier
-David Beckham (86% percent of females chose the “athlete" who has not competed in nearly 3 Years)

Fav Sports Team:
-Ottawa Senators (Seems as if this class has a good sense of humour)

Fav Sport to watch:
-Chipmunks’ movie (WHAT?!?)

It is noted that all actual names have been changed to protect those who were picked on. jk BRAD!!